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The Digital Weaver: Alexis Tsegba Uses New Media To Change The Dark Narrative About Africa

September 20, 2022
Alexis Tsegba New Media

At a tender age, Alexis Tsegba taught herself how to draw, but it wasn’t until after she studied law at the University of Reading and completed her Masters in Creative and Media Enterprise from the University of Warwick that she realized her full potential in the artistic world. Now a visual artist, Alexis specializes in digital collages.  She has been experimenting with digital collages for almost two years. Alexis finds inspiration by observing. She is always looking for patterns in things, people, and emotions or wandering off to strange places on her own. Her greatest inspiration is going through life as herself, observing her emotions and those of others, and creating her own version of reality.

‘Divinity’ – Alexis Tsegba

The Nigerian-based artist is a person with eclectic interests in various art forms such as painting, photography and architecture, and digital collage, which is her ultimate medium to merge her interests in a way that allows her to tell stories and express herself without limitations. Her works often feature striking subjects in surrealistic landscapes. The artist enjoys telling stories and asking questions through her art in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and draws the viewer in to keep on looking. While utterly dreamy, many of her collages are packed with covert symbols designed to raise specific questions in the viewer’s minds and challenge traditional notions on specific themes such as Afrocentrism, Afro-futurism, love, and gender expression.

Alexis Tsegba believes Afrocentrism and Afro-futurism are unique because they contribute toward changing the narrative on Africa as a dark continent in need of saving. Afro-futurism also allows her to show what her ideal Africa could be; one where people are kinder and more tolerant of differences while relying on technology to enhance aspects of the culture that enrich us.

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