November 10, 2022
Soraia Ramos Cape Verde

Soraia Ramos is really someone you must listen to. She’s got good vibes, a great voice, and is excellent at producing catchy melodies. Though she grew up in France and Portugal, the highly spirited Cape Verdean songbird is now flying the greatest height as one of her home country’s internationally recognized musical exports. Despite her western influence, Soraia’s music sticks to her African roots.  “I have always loved the language from my country which is Creole, and always felt my voice sounded better in Creole, so I decided to sing in Creole. I felt that this music brought out a side of me that I didn’t know existed and this brought strength into my music,” she told BBC Africa.

After gaining popularity by creating cover songs for her favorite jams, Soraia Ramos took the bulls by the horn and started working at carving a niche for her own songs. “Diz-Me” is her first major hit.  “I wrote about my reality, what I was living through – I put that down on paper and turned it into songs,” she said in the interview. Today, Soraia has found her spot at the top charts of the disputed African Luso-pop landscape. With a distinct soulful voice on a blend of kizomba flavors and R&B melodies, and a desire to continue in the footsteps of Cape Verde’s ‘Queen of Morna’ Cesária Évora, Soraia Ramos is progressively taking Cape Verde’s culture with her around the world. If you love to listen to diverse African music, you definitely must add Soraia Ramos to your playlist.  Her recently released song, ‘Trompete’ with Portuguese singer, Nenny is a must-listen. It’s a dope joint that deserves a spot in your heavy music rotation playlist.

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